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Call on us for your transport needs

We'll tow them all!

We'll get your transport job done in the most efficient and timely way possible. Quality customer service is as important to us as moving your equipment or vehicle, so you'll get friendly help as well.

 •  Classic cars

 •  Racing cars

 •  Farm equipment

 •  Warehouse equipment

 •  ATVs and recreational vehicles

Towing for small to heavy-duty vehicles

No matter the size of your vehicle or the details of your predicament, our team can get your vehicle to its destination with expert towing.


Call us for light to medium-duty towing or get our heavy-duty towing when you have a large truck that needs to be serviced.

The equipment you need

You'll get a wide range of transport services from us, from covered and enclosed transport to lowboy service. Whatever your transport needs may be, Nick's Towing can be of assistance.

Get local, long-distance, and nationwide transport from our team of experienced drivers and technicians!

Call anytime for

24-hour services!

With over 35 years in the business, you know our team is prepared to handle your transport needs!

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